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▶ Add IDM Extension to Chrome [The Way You NEED]

Add Internet Download Manager in Google Chrome Manually. Download IDM cc For Chrome. IDM Integration Module for Google Chrome.How to add IDM to Chrome

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the favorite download manager for Windows users.

But to use all its features with Chrome you need to install IDM Extension with Google Chrome. There are some ways to do this (1) Using IDM integration module chrome web store (2) Add IDM to Chrome manually.

So in short here we look at "How to install IDM in Google Chrome Web Browser."

Let's start.

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Steps To Add IDM In Google Chrome

We can link IDM with Google Chrome with more than one method and here I am going to describe each of them. 

Add IDM In Chrome With CRX File

Before we jump on the steps how to add IDM in chrome make sure you enable "Use advanced browser integration" Option and check make on Google Chrome. 
IDMCC For Google Chrome.zip 58Kb
  • Download IDM CC for chrome from given link.
  • Now Open Google Chrome web browser
  • Click on top right corner three dots and go down to "More Tools"
  • And select "Extensions" option, now google chrome extensions tab will open.
  • Now enable "Developer mode" and Drag and Drop the "IDMGCE.crx" file you find before.
  • Then a popup tab appear on chrome's windows asking you to give permission to "Add extension".
  • Just click on the "Add extension" option  

    1. That's how you can easily add IDM to chrome in windows 10 manually.

      Add IDM In Chrome With Web Store

      Steps to add Internet Download Manager (IDM) in Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store.
      • Click here and you will redirect to "IDM Integration Module" Chrome Extension page.
      add-idm-extension-to-chrome, add-idm-to-chrome
      • Then click on "Add to Chrome" Button
      • Now a popup tab shows on your Chrome windows, asking you for your permission
      • Click on "Add extension" Option
      • That's All 

      Reasons Behind This Problem

      Mostly when you open google chrome after installing Internet Download Manager. IDM extension option automatically appears on the screen, you just need to enable it to add IDM in chrome.

      But if IDM Extension does not appear on your screen when you open google chrome first time after installing IDM in your windows pc.

      But before that have a look at the reasons why you are facing this problem.
      1. Maybe you remove IDM from the google chrome extensions page mistakenly.
      2. Just Update or Install a new version of Internet Download Manager.
      3. Google chrome disables IDM extension and says that this extension is corrupted.
      Now have a look "How to integrate IDM extension in google chrome"


      Remove IDM Extension from Chrome?

      To remove IDM Extension from Google Chrome, go to chrome extension via clicking on three dots > More Tools > Extensions > Now find IDM Integration Module there and click on remove and again on remove button. Done!

      How can I manually add IDM to google chrome?

      Follow the second method to add Internet Download Manager in Google Chrome Manually.

      How to add IDM crack in Google Chrome?

      Follow the same steps to add IDM crack to chrome, my friend.

      Why IDM extension is not showing in the Google Chrome web browser in windows 10/7/8/8.1/Vista?

      Maybe, the IDM Integration Module is not enabled in google chrome. Or you need to add IDM in Chrome manually.


      So these are the steps to add Internet Download Manager (IDM) in google chrome web browser in windows PC. If you are still facing the problem and IDM Integration Module is not showing in Google's Chrome, try to install the latest versions of Both Chrome and IDM.

      I hope this article helps you to 
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      2. How to add IDM extension in chrome in windows 10
      3. IDM add to chrome
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        Any idea why this would be or how to fix this?
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