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(Easy Steps) MKV >> MP4 in IDM YouTube Download Panel

😍 Replace MKV file format with MP4 file format in IDM Youtube Video Download Panel.
🙏🏻 Hello IDMLover, I hope you are enjoying your downloading possess with IDM (Internet Download Manager).😃

But if you are also don't like Mkv video format and want to change it. So, that IDM downloads Youtube Video in Mp4 video format then just keep reading this post and know how you can do it. 😎

Wait, let first see why mp4 is better than mkv video format.

Disadvantage of MKV Format

  1. Larger than mp4 in size
  2. Get easily corrupted by bugs
  3. Most TVs don't support Mkv format
  4. Video Players require codecs to play Mkv video
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Change IDM Youtube Video Download Panel Format Mkv to Mp4

✅ Follow these steps to replace Mkv Option with Mp4 in Internet Download Manager (IDM) video download panel.
  • Open Internet Download Managers 
  • Now open IDM Options and go to File types tab
  • Then remove or delete MKV from Automatically start downloading the following file types and hit OK
  • Done!😃
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Final Words

I hope now your IDM (Internet Download Manager) Mkv problem is solved. If you have any other questions related to IDM then I highly request you to visit our other posts maybe you find those posts helpful and useful.

😃 Thanks for visiting IDMLover 😃

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