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IDM for Android [That YOU Actually Want 😍] Best Downloader Manager

Best Download Managers for Android Smartphone similar to IDM (Internet Download Manager). Download & Install IDM on Android Mobile.

Hey guys, welcome back on In this post, I want to show you guys the best download manager for Android phones. Yes, We have IDM and many more download managers for Windows PC or Computers. So using this software we can download the large files faster and we can also pause and resume the files at any time, which is a great thing in my opinion and maybe you know about this or maybe you don't know but you can do the same thing in Android phones. 

There are so many software or applications like PC. For example, I use IDM, there are other download managers to use but personally, I like IDM.

You can also say that we are going to know the best downloader managers for Android.

Disclaimer: The user accepts full responsibility for downloading copyrighted content using these apps.

Best Downloader Managers For Android

Here, You see the most useful and featured download managers of Android with their cool features. So, let's start the list of Top Download Manager for Android.

IDM of Android

IDM for android, Best download manager for android phones

The first one that comes to our list is IDM: Download Video, Movie, Music, Anime & Torrent. It's developed or published by Vicky Bonick. Let's see its Features:-
[Paid for FREE] 1DM:Adblock Browser, Video & Torrent Downloader 16Mb

IDM Features

  • The best free browser & download manager (video, music, torrent, etc) for Android
  •  Supports up to 16 parts to speed up downloads (video, music & all other files)
  •  You can Pause and Resume downloads
  •  Download Torrent files using magnet link, torrent URL, or a torrent file on your device
  •  Download streaming Music, Video, Movie from your favorite websites using IDM Browser
  •  Auto download Music, Video, Image from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and other social media
  •  Download m3u video
  •  Download m3u8 video
  •  Download MP-DASH video
  •  Auto convert ts videos to mp4 video after the download is finished
  •  Smart download option to download files when you copy download links to the clipboard
  •  IDM download manager has a very low RAM usage compared to other download managers
  •  Custom themes, customize yourself, or download from 500+ themes submitted by IDM members for free
  •  Download HD videos with one click
  •  Large file download supported
  •  Download video, music, and pictures from your favorite websites
  •  Download several files at the same time
  •  Download videos over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular networks
  •  Support downloading by video extension links
  •  Download videos in the background
  •  Download videos in the hidden folder

Your Privacy matters so browse the internet freely

  •  Blocks third-party trackers
  •  Incognito browsing mode for private browsing
  •  With a couple of clicks, you can delete your browsing history, cache, cookies, etc

IDM Browser features

  •  Browse internet free of ads
  •  Best Popup blocker (inside IDM Browser)
  •  Browse videos with the built-in browser
  •  Multiple tabs, history, bookmarks, and other goodies

Batch downloader & Grabber

  •  Website Grabber to download all static files (Video, Music, etc) in a webpage
  •  Batch downloader to download files (Music, Video, etc) with pattern

Download manager additional features

  •  Multi-language and Multi theme
  •  Direct Download music, video, movies, and other files to SD card
  •  Hide downloaded video, music, etc from everyone
  •  IDM download manager uses file cataloging based on file type (music, video, document, zip, picture, torrent, etc)
  •  Import download links from a text file or clipboard
  •  IDM download manager supports all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, programs, etc

Advantage of Plus version

  •  Ad-free
  •  Scheduler to schedule your video & other downloads
  •  Supports up to 32 parts to accelerate video downloads
  •  Up to 10 simultaneous downloads (video, music, etc)

How to Use free IDM Video Downloader

  •  Browse website with the video using the built-in browser
  •  The browser will auto-detect videos, and tap the download icon
  •  Choose which video you want to download and download the video

Advanced Download Manager

ADM for android, advanced download manager for android smartphone

The next one that comes on our list is Advanced Download Manager for Android Smartphones. Let's see what features it provide.

Powerful Downloader for Android

  • downloading from the internet up to five files simultaneously;
  • accelerated downloading by using multithreading (16 parts)
  • interception of links from android browsers and clipboard;
  • download files in background and resume after failure;
  • loader for images, documents, archives, and programs;
  • downloading to SDcard for Lollipop and Marshmallow;
  • smart algorithm for increased speed of downloading;
  • downloading only through the internet on WiFi;
  • boost downloader for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks;
  • changing the maximum speed in real-time;
  • video downloader and music downloader;
  • resuming of interrupted downloads;
  • support files larger than 2 gigabytes;
  • parallel download files in queue.

Torrent downloader

  • adding torrent and magnet through Editor, clipboard, browser and file explorer;
  • selection of necessary files and folders, display of their size and type, search by name, sorting;
  • in Right Menu you can filter Torrents and Seeding;
  • in Left menu quick options, in Settings a new section Torrent with all kinds of options;
  • The properties window displays information about torrent, Site Manager supports profiles for them.

Advanced Settings

  • interface customization and themes;
  • select the folder for downloaded files;
  • different automatic actions after finishing;
  • save different file types in different folders;
  • create an empty file to accelerate downloading;
  • autostop process if the battery charge level is low;
  • import list of links from a text file on SDcard;
  • auto-resume after errors and break of connection;
  • planning start of downloading at right time;
  • turbo mode for speed up downloading;
  • getting the size of file and beautiful name;
  • backup list of downloads and settings;
  • profiles for each type of connection;
  • automatic operation on schedule;
  • support quick autoadd download.

Clean Interface

  • light material design;
  • filter by types and status;
  • left menu with quick options;
  • context menu for easy management;
  • sorting downloads by order, size, and name;
  • open completed files through favorite apps;
  • information about downloading: speed, size, time;
  • support pause, resume, restart for downloads;
  • creation of advanced profiles for sites;
  • finetuning for each download;
  • widget on the home screen.

Extended Notifications

  • icon with progress and speed in notification panel;
  • the transparent progress bar on top of all windows;
  • completion notification by sound and vibration.

Built-in ADM Browser

  • support of multiple tabs;
  • advanced media downloader;
  • list of history and bookmarks;
  • easy sending file to downloader;
  • download mp3 from popular archives;
  • interception of mp4 video from tubes;
  • easy downloader for all types of files;
  • download accelerator for social networking;
  • option "UserAgent" for forgery the browser.

Media sniffer

  • download streaming music and video;
  • download m3u8 and MPDASH video;
  • convert ts to mp4 after finished.

Simple control for downloads

  • press on the download to start/stop the process;
  • press on the completed download to open the file;
  • long press on download to display the context menu.

Add URL links in ADM

  • press on the link and from window "Complete action using" select ADM Editor;
  • long press on a link to display the context menu, press "Share" or "Send" and from window "Share via" select ADM Editor;
  • copy link, after program, intercepts it from the clipboard and send in ADM Editor, or use the "Add" button and paste the link.

Free Download Manager FDM

FDM free download manager for android

FDM is a popular download manager for android smartphones. FDM gives us these features-

Features of FDM

  • Downloads torrents using BitTorrent protocol;
  • Magnet link support;
  • Controls file priorities for torrents
  • Supports multiple videos/audio file formats, including WEBM, AVI, MKV, MP4, MP3;
  • Splits files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously;
  • Resumes broken and expired download links;
  • Organizes downloaded files by their type, placing them in predefined folders;
  • Schedules the downloading of files at a set time;
  • Adjusts traffic usage for browsing the Internet and downloading files at the same time;
  • Auto-downloads when connected to Wi-Fi only;
  • Easily manages file downloads

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