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Add IDM Extension to Firefox via following these simple steps | Download IDMCC For Firefox | Get IDM CC

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🙏🏻 Hello IDMLover, If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser and already installed IDM in your windows pc but don't integrate IDM Add-on with firefox, you can't enjoy your downloading possess because to use IDM Download Manager features like:-



you need to add IDM (Internet Download Manager) Extension in Firefox Browser.

😀 So, In this post, you know how you can Add IDM Integration Module to Mozilla Firefox.

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How to Install IDM Extension in Firefox

There are two main ways to integrate IDM Extension in Firefox browser but before move on to them, I suggest you follow these steps or check that you already done steps on your windows pc. If you don't done yet these steps then first apply them.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of IDM (Internet Download Manager) and Mozilla Firefox.
  • "Use advance browser integration", tick mark on "Mozilla Firefox" in IDM option.
  • Now reopen your firefox browser and you see a message "IDM Integration Module added to Firefox" in Firefox menu by clicking on three bots.
  • Click on the message and enable IDM extension. (Don't worry if this not happen because there are more way to integrate IDM in firefox)
  • If you already installed an old IDM extension in Firefox then remove it from there and try to reinstall by following the steps I mentioned below.

Integrate IDM with Firefox using IDM xpi file

In this method, we use IDM xpi file to Add IDM Extension to Firefox manually.

Download IDM CC for Firefox from here...
IDMCC For 500Kb

Password:- IDMLover

  • Download IDMCC for Firefox RAR from the given link.
  • Open Firefox and press ctrl+shift+A or open Firefox addons tab via three lines/dots.
  • Now click on the setting icon.
  • Then select Install Add-on From File option.
  • Select the xpi file according to the version of Firefox you are using.
Here you see 3 XPI files, they all have similar file names so choose the right one according to the version of your Firefox web browser.
  1. Select idmmzcc3.xpi for FireFox 53 and newer versions.
  2. Select idmmzcc2.xpi for Firefox from version 27 to version 52 inclusively.
  3. Select idmmzcc.xpi (without a number) for Firefox from version 1.5 to version 26 inclusively.
Now move back on the integration steps...
  • Now if select the right xpi, Firefox will show you a confirmation message, click on Add button.
  • Done!😍

If you don't know the version of your Firefox web browser then go to its about section.

Integrate IDM with Firefox using IDM Add-on

You can say that in this method to add IDM in firefox we are going to use Internet Download Manager Integration Module Firefox Addon.
  • Open this post in your Firefox Browser and Click Here
  • By click on the link, you will redirect to Firefox IDM Addon page.
  • Just install this addon in your firefox web browser and start using IDM features in Firefox.

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I hope you find this post helpful and useful if you are searching for IDMCC For Firefox, get idmcc, Add IDM in firefox, Integrate IDM with Firefox, or Download IDMCC. 

Now I request you to share your feedback about this post via comments and tell us which method is working for you to Integrate the Internet Download Manager Integration Module with Firefox.

If you have any question related to this post then must inform me, I will reply as soon as possible.

😇 Thanks for Visiting IDMLover 😇

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