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[Step-by-Step Guide] How to download telegram files using Internet Download Manager (IDM). Download videos from telegram faster.

Hello IDMLover, In today's post you are going to learn How to Download Telegram File Using IDM(Internet Download Manager) step by step.

Telegram is a popular social media. There is so many telegram channel about different topics or category, these telegram channel share useful and enjoying content like videos, pdfs, etc. But sometimes the file size of telegram shared files is very large and if you use Telegram downloader to download those files is takes more time than if you download the same telegram file with IDM.

So, let's know how you can download telegram videos with IDM.

Download Telegram File Faster

To download telegram files ex. videos and pdf with any downloader manager you need a public link of the file you want to download that can be accessed by the downloader manager without joining the telegram group or channel. 

❓ So, first, you need a public link of that file you want to download with your downloader manager.

Follow these steps to get a direct download link of the telegram file...
  • Open telegram, search "@HHTGFilezDLBot or @Link4FilesBot" and tap on the first result

  • Click on Start button to activate this bot
  • Now, forward the telegram file to this bot from any telegram group/channel you want to download fast.
  • Just after you forward the file link, you get a link from the bot
  • Click on that and on this page you see a download option click on it and your file starts downloading in your downloader manager.
  • Done 👍

How to Download Telegram File In IDM

To download Telegram files via Internet Download Manager (IDM), you can follow these steps...
  1. Download and Install Telegram on your Windows PC
  2. Now activate the Linktofilesbot or DirectLinkGeneratorbot in telegram as mentioned above and get the public link of the file you want to download using IDM
  3. Copy the link shared by the bot and paste it in IDM "Add URL" section without ".html" and click on Start
  4. Or open that link in your browser and click on the "Download" button
  5. If you already integrated Internet Download Manager IDM extension with your browser correctly IDM automatically shows you a download popup regarding the file.
  6. Done 😇
Follow these posts to integrate IDM with your browser:-
  1. Add IDM Extension In Chrome
  2. Add IDM Extension to Opera
  3. Add IDM in Microsoft Edge

How to Download Telegram Files Faster in Android

To download telegram files faster in android phone you need the Best download manager of android. So first of all install a downloader manager you like in your smartphone, and apply these steps...
  • First, get the public file of the file by following the above-mentionsed steps.
  • Now if you are using IDM of Android then open copied link in the IDM browser tab and there you see the download option on top left, click on it and your download will start
  • Or direct paste the copied link without ".html" and start the download
  • Done 😃
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I hope you link this post, find it helpful and useful. And now you know that how you can download telegram files faster using IDM or any other download manager in your Windows PC or Smartphone.

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