2024 ▷ How to Add IDM Extension to Tor Browser [Right Way]

Tor Browser, an open-source web browser based on Firefox, is renowned for its focus on privacy and anonymity.

While the Tor Browser is equipped with many features to enhance your online security, integrating Internet Download Manager (IDM) can be a valuable addition for those seeking efficient downloading capabilities.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to seamlessly add IDM to your Tor Browser.

Steps to Add IDM to Tor Browser

Add IDM to Tor Browser

Update Tor Browser to the Latest Version:

Ensure you are using the latest version of Tor Browser to benefit from the latest security updates and compatibility enhancements.

Access Add-ons Manager:

Open Tor Browser and navigate to the Add-ons Manager. You can do this by pressing `Ctrl+Shift+A` or clicking on the three lines/dots on the top-right corner and selecting the Add-ons option.

Click on the Settings Icon:

Within the Add-ons Manager, locate and click on the settings icon, often represented by three horizontal lines or dots.

Select "Install Add-on From File" Option:

Select "Install Add-on From File" Option

Choose the "Install Add-on From File" option from the menu. This allows you to manually add the IDM extension to Tor Browser.

Locate IDM XPI File:

Select the `idmmzcc3.xpi` file

Browse to the directory where IDM is installed on your system, typically found at `C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager`. Select the `idmmzcc3.xpi` file.

Confirmation Message:

Once the file is selected, Firefox will prompt a confirmation message. Click on the "Add" button to initiate the integration process.


Congratulations! IDM is now successfully integrated into your Tor Browser. You can start using IDM to enhance your download management capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use IDM with Tor Browser?

While IDM itself is a reputable download manager, be cautious about the content you download via Tor Browser to maintain the privacy and security it provides.

2. Do I need to update IDM separately for Tor Browser?

It's advisable to keep IDM updated independently to ensure compatibility and access to the latest features.

3. Can I use IDM on any version of Tor Browser?

It's recommended to use the latest version of Tor Browser for optimal compatibility with IDM.

4. Why doesn't Tor Browser have IDM integration by default?

Tor Browser focuses on privacy, and integrating external download managers might compromise the anonymity it provides.

5. Are there any alternative download managers compatible with the Tor Browser?

While IDM is a popular choice, some other download managers like FDM and Neat Download Manager are also compatible. Always ensure they respect your privacy and security.

6. Can I use IDM on other privacy-focused browsers?

IDM integration is possible with all other privacy-focused browsers follow below guide to learn how to integrate IDM with other popular browsers:

  1. How to Add IDM to Chrome
  2. IDM to Opera GX
  3. IDM Extension for Brave
  4. Install IDM to Firefox
  5. Add IDM to Opera
  6. Add IDM to Edge

7. Does using IDM affect Tor Browser's anonymity features?

IDM itself doesn't affect Tor Browser's anonymity features, but downloading sensitive content can compromise your privacy. Exercise caution and adhere to Tor's guidelines.

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