Drawback of using cracked version of Internet Download Manager

This post is gives you information about Drawback of using cracked version of Internet Download Manager.

Internet Download Manager better known as IDM is the most popular and used Downloader Manager for Windows PCs. IDM provides many advanced features as you already know. Some are (1)Unlimited Downloading Speed (2) Video Download Panel on Popular streaming sites link YouTube, FaceBook, etc.

But You and I both know that IDM is not a free download manager, it comes only with 30 days free trial. So, those who can not able to buy it search for its cracked versions on the internet.

And today IDMLover you are going to read the main difference between the original one and the cracked one.

Difference Between Original and Cracked Versions of IDM

First of all the major difference comes between IDM (Internet Download Manager) original and pirated/cracked/patched versions is from the product key/license. The original/Licensed version of Internet Download Manager uses an Official Product Key provided by IDM. While a Cracked/Patched version of IDM uses a third-party tool or software, known as IDM crack.

If you download and install IDM from its official site is only valid for 30 days, after the time period ends IDM starts showing you a notification on your windows pc or laptop screen asking for the License/Product Key of Internet Download Manager. And by using crack you can remove this notification.

Drawbacks of IDM Crack

  • Not 100% Safe
  • Manually Update
  • Lower speed than the original one
  • No personal license key

Benefits of Original IDM

Your Own License Key of IDM

If you buy IDM or Internet Download Manager for your pc, IDM gives you an official License/Product Key. After you have successfully entered and activated IDM with the license, all features of IDM are enabled for you. But remember the IDM license/product key must not be known by others, secure the license in a safe place.

Regular IDM Updates

If you use the original version of IDM, you continuously get the latest updates from the developers of Internet Download Manager. The process becomes simple and easier for you if you are using the Original Version of IDM with a valid Product Key.

Where the cracked/pirated version IDM is only valid for 1 version of IDM. So, if you want to update IDM in the latest version of it, then you have to need to download its crack again according to the IDM version. As you read these steps are a waste of your time and energy. Using racked/patched/pirated IDM includes crime and I don't recommend this.

Download Fast

The downloading speed of the original version of Internet Download Manager/IDM is faster than its cracked version.

Small File Size

If you use the original IDM you just need to download it once and then updates it from time to time. And the size of it and IDM updates is very small less than 10 MB only.

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