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[Updated] IDM Fake Serial Number Fix 2022

Know how to fix Internet Download Manager IDM fake serial number problem step by step in windows pc.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best downloader manager for Windows users.

But it comes with a free trial, after that you need to buy it or choose other methods to use it.

If you entered a fake serial in IDM registration, after some days Internet Download Manager shows you a Popup regarding "Fake Serial Number".

There are two ways to fix this problem. The first is paid and the second is free. And we talk about both of them

So, Let's jump into this process.

Paid Method To Fix Fake Serial Problem

You already know that Internet Download Manager (IDM) is not free for lifetime. So, the first thing you can do is to buy IDM and use it.

If you want to Buy Internet Download Manager (IDM) for lifetime just "Click Here"

Benefits Of Buying IDM

Before buying IDM let's see its benefits
  • Automatic Update Feature
  • No future Problems like- Fake serial number notification, bugs, IDM not working, etc.
  • 100% Secure

Free Method To Fix IDM Fake Serial Problem

There are more than one ways to Fix Internet Download Manager Fake Serial Number Notification but the First one is the best. So I recommend you to use the First Method.

Fix IDM Fake Serial Number using IDM Crack

In this method basically, we use IDM Crack or patch to fix this problem.

So move to the steps
That's All.

Fix IDM Fake Serial Number Notification using IDM Trial Reset

You can use the IDM Trial Reset to Fix Internet Download Manager Fake Serial Number Error. Follow these steps to apply this method on IDM
  • First of all, Download IDM Trial Reset
    Zip IDM Trial Reset v1.0.0.zip Download
  • Now just apply it
  • Done!
If you choose IDM trial reset to solve IDM fake serial number error, I want to tell you that you need to apply the same steps again and again after 30-days.

Fix Fake Serial Number IDM issue via stoping IDM Updates

Another way to solve IDM Fake Serial Number Notification popup is to stop IDM auto-updates. If you want info on How to stop IDM automatic updates and get rid of fake serial number error click here 💛 

Final Words

I recommend you to use the first way to get rid Fake Serial Number Problem of IDM(Internet Download Manager). But still, I want to know which one is your favorite way to fix this issue.

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  1. Hi , from today it is shwoing different errors of fake serial and some downloads are not completed , never had seen IDM like this , so bothering today please show me a way to get rid of the errors and download easily .Regards
    1. Are you using the latest IDM Crack?
      If NOT, then uninstall the IDM and Install the Crack One.

      And give the feedback...
      You can also get our email on contact page, where you can send the SS of the problem you are facing.

      I am waiting for your reply.
  2. Anyone that reads this. If you follow everything this guy tells you to do. You will still get fake serial notification. So this whole website is pointless
    1. First time getting this type of comment. 😟

      I think you don't follow all the steps to fix IDM fake serial number popup.

      ✅ I recommend trying again with IDM Crack [visit IDMLover homepage]

      I am waiting for your reply to know whether this way works or not. 👍
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