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Know how to continue or resume downloads in IDM or Internet Download Manager step by step.
You know that IDM has a useful ability to resume downloads, but there are some files on the internet whose download links are only valid for 12 hours or 24 hours.

So if the downloading process is not complete in the limited time IDM shows you that connection time is expired or the link is expired message. But here is the good news you don't need to download that file from starting after reading this post "How to continue downloads in Internet Download Manager". 

You save your internet data by following these steps to continue failed downloads in IDM.

Reason Behind this Error in IDM

For example, there are many sites on the internet that use a limited time period to complete the downloading process, after the time period expires the given download link also expires. And you get errors in your downloading.

But IDM allows you to continue to download the file from where you left it. To do that follow the steps given below.

How to continue Download of IDM

There is a condition, make sure that the resume capacity of the download file is "Yes"

Now move on to the steps to resume session expired downloads in IDM
  • Find the file in IDM (Internet Download Manager) that showing an error while resuming it.
  • Now select the resume option by clicking on the file name on IDM
  • Then select "Ok"
  • Now copy the file URL that just appeared on your Windows PC screen
  • Now again go in IDM and select the "Properties" option for the file by right click on that
  • Paste the copied URL in the Address session in the File Properties
  • Then click "Ok"
  • The downloading of the file will continue again
  • All the steps to resume the interrupted file in IDM are done
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Now It's Your Turn

I hope that you are able to resume your link expired file in Internet Download Manager or IDM. If you follow all these steps to continue your session expired downloads in IDM, you save your internet data and time.

Now I want to ask you the file size you are successful in downloading in IDM via using this trick.

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