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How to Uninstall Internet Download Manager or IDM Completely from Windows 10/7/8/Vista PC

🙏 Hi IDMLover, If you are facking IDM fake serial number problem then I know that somewhere you find this issue solution by Completely Uninstalling IDM, yeah.

Yes or no?

Most of the time we think that if we uninstall a program or software from the control panel > Program and features is completely removed from our windows pc. But to uninstall IDM Compelety you need to do more steps.

So, Follow all the steps to remove IDM or Internet Download Manager Completely from pc. And the next time you install IDM you don't see the Fake Serial Number Notification.

But I want to suggest you follow other ways to Fix IDM Fake Serial Number, Already posted in 👇

How to Fix IDM Fake Serial Number Notification

How to Uninstall IDM Completely from PC

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Uninstall IDM from Control Panel

In this step, I show you How you can remove IDM from Contro Panel. Here are the steps...

  • First of all, open Control Panel And select Programs and Features Option
  • Now you see a list of programs or software installed in your windows pc
  • After that select Internet Download Manager and Clik on the Uninstall button
  • Now IDM ask you to choose Uninstall Method Default or Full
  • Select Full and hit the Next button and then click on "Finish >"
  • The removal process of IDM is started
  • After is finish you see a msg about "Restart Your PC"
  • Tap on Cancel because some steps are remaining.
That's How you can remove IDM from Control Panel of Windows PC. Now move on to the Next..

Remove IDM from Regedit

If you are done with the above method, it's time to remove IDM or Internet Download Manager from Windows Registry Editor. Here are the steps you need to follow.
  • To open Registry Editor, press Windows Key+R at the same time. Doing this you open the Run window
  • Now type regedit in Run and hit the OK button. 
  • Now press ctrl+f and Find window popup on your screen, type Internet Download Manager in Find what box and hit Find next option.
  • Wait for some seconds, then select all detected folders and files that contain the name Internet Download Manager and Delete them
  • Done!
That's How you can Uninstall IDM from Regedit

Remove IDM from C Drive

  • Open the C drive of your PC and then Program Files folder.
  • Now find the Internet Download manager Folder and Delete it completely by pressing shift+delete
  • Done!
Finally, restart your windows pc so that windows 10/7/8/Vista applies the changes on IDM data. Now install IDM again and you don't see fake serial number error for the next 30 days.

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