{Easier Than You Think} Download Any Google Drive File with IDM

Fix IDM Google Drive cannot download problem in simple steps. ✅

🙏 Hello IDMLover, In today's post we know How to download large google drive files using IDM (Internet Download Manager). This problem comes when you don't integrate IDM correctly with your browser here mostly Google Chrome. or if the file format doesn't add in IDM. 

Now let's see how to fix IDM cannot download from google drive. 🤔

Download google drive files using idm

Download with IDM from Google Drive

👉 Here are the steps to resume download google drive IDM.
  1. First of all, open the google drive URL in your browser. (Recommended Chrome) and hit on Download button
  2. If the file size is large then Google drive shows you a msg, here you need to click on Download anyway.
  3. Now if the file downloading starts in chrome then cancel it and open the Downloads tab of chrome by using the Ctrl +J shortcut key.
  4. Copy the Google drive file URL from there under the file name.
  5. Paste this URL in Add URL option of IDM.
  6. It takes some seconds to get the file details.
  7. It is good if you see the same file name and file size there, but if not then Wait until google chrome icon don't come up.
  8. Now copy the URL from IDM Download Panel and add it in IDM Add URL section.
  9. I sure this time you get the same file there.
  10. Done! ✅
It is the first type of problem that comes while downloading a file from google drive with IDM.

But if you are facing login issue while downloading from google drive then just login using any of your Gmail and this problem will fix.

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